Registrar of Companies

Our team of experts will take you through the whole process of registering your company and ensure that all the requirements are met to enable you fully operate in the country.


We help in ensuring that foreign personnel have the necessary papers to enable them to operate in their country of choice this includes work permits.

Buying and Selling of Businesses

Remach Business Consultants work with various experts in different countries and will be glad to help you locate viable and profitable companies up for sale as a going concern. Just give us your needs and will get you the perfect match.

Business Startup

Are you keen on starting your business in any African country of choice? We have the answer for you.

Selling your Properties

Africa has some of the most profitable properties for business, and stay. Once we know your requirements, we shall ensure the right property.

Licensing your Business

Our team of experts ensure that your company has the necessary licenses issued according to the Registration of Companies requirements.

Merging your business with another anywhere in Africa

We assist you in locating viable and profitable businesses that you can merge with and boost your operations further.